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For fire protection equipment in Nevada

If a fire started in your workplace, would you know what to do? Do you have a system for warning your employees and getting everyone evacuated safely? Don't leave it to chance, call Silver State Fire today! We're a leading supplier and installer of fire protection equipment in Nevada.

We have been helping homeowners, businesses, schools and other organizations in Nevada for years and our experienced consultants will design a fool proof fire protection system using the latest fire protection equipment that will ensure the safety of your family, your staff, and your assets.

Over 20 years in business

The process of designing a fire safety plan is quite complex, but you can count on us having over 20 years of experience and the knowledge to help you. Our products include:
• Fire extinguishers
• Emergency lighting
• Fire escape ladders
• Evacuation plans
There is no better way to be fire ready than to see us for the latest in fire protection equipment. We're Nevada's most experienced fire safety specialists. Don't take a chance with the safety of your business. Because when the fire starts, it's already too late.

Our team - available 24 hours a day

Our team at Silver State Fire consists of consultants who will meet with you to design a fire plan to suit your building and individual needs, and licensed installers who will make sure your equipment is installed right the first time, and is functioning correctly.
We don't leave anything to chance and will work with you to identify hazards and put in place an individual plan that will really protect you in case of a fire. Trust us for reliable fire protection equipment in Nevada. Call us today!

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